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Pet Dog Cotton Rope Toys bundle, cats and dogs chew toys,1* balls,1* bones, 1*carrots, bite Teddy woven cotton rope (10 Packs)

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  • ❤ This product is suitable as a Pet-dog’s chew toys!
  • ❤ Dog Rope Toy Packing: there are 10 different colors and different kinds of single pieces!
  • ❤ This Dog Rope Toy is durable knot toys, fun for a long time, keep your dog to have fun for hours!
  • ❤ Material: Make of Safe, Non-toxic and Durable Cotton Fiber and TRP ,no terrible Chemical smell!
  • ❤ Knot toys clean dogs teeth when chewing, help control plaque and tartar buildup,reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease!

Dog toys, 8 pieces, will be your favorite gift to your little family. There’s no doubt about that

Each dog has a unique personality and energy level, and therefore will have a unique
preference for the type of toy he or she likes to play with. The bottom line? Playing
with you is best, but if you hope to keep your dog engaged on his own, toys that can
be chewed or easily manipulated are more likely to keep his interest.So our toy bag,
will give you a better choice.

Cotton rope:
1.Dog cotton rope toys are particularly important for puppies. When they are growing their
teeth, their gums can get very sore. Chewing on cotton rope toys helps to alleviate
the pain and also helps to keep their teeth nice and clean.

2.Toys vary in shape and stimulate pet interest.

3.Preparation of cotton, strong and hard, not easy to be a dog biting,
suitable for large dogs use molars. The bite rope is indispensable
to the dog’s toy, and Avoid dogs like to chew furniture. Special
cotton rope to help pets ‘ teeth and gums healthy development, and
can remove the dirt in the teeth, for you to play with your pet, promote feelings!

Material: Cotton + TRP
Product size:
Diameter of rope ring: 18cm
8 character rope length: 25.5cm
Length of hammer rope: 41cm
Length of short rope: 25cm
Rubber ring diameter: 9cm.
Tetherball diameter: 5.5cm
Length of bone rope: 36cm
Radish rope length: 22cm

Rope ring x1
8 word rope x1
Hammer rope x1
Short rope x2
Rubber ring x1
Tetherball x1
Bone ropes x1
Radish rope x1
Shoes rope x1

Sizes: 10-Pack
Color: color


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