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  • 26 Cupping Cups Biomagnetic Traditional Chinese Therapy Cupping Set Household Pull Out Vacuum Cupping Kit / Chinese Massage Medical Cupping Set Suction Acupuncture

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    ❤Cupping Manual download link: https://ca.mymm.store/cupping-manual-download/

    ❤Amazon purchase link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B072DR746J
    ❤They’re made of Polycarbonate, This material is well known for its strong, durable, break resistant features, and longer lasting than any other plastic.
    ❤Easy to use pressure release valves , No Need Doctor or Therapists, You Can Use by Yourself. Ancient Chinese Medicine Treatment, Safe and Reliable. Scroll down to Descriptions for more benefits.
    ❤Please Use Alcohol Disinfection Caps Before Use, the degree of suction is in your control with a vacuum pump, from gentle to strong.
    ❤You may see a lot of athletes or Hollywood’s star on the back of a round bruise, in fact, this is the traditional Chinese cupping.(Do not worry, that’s Painless therapy)
    ❤Cupping Therapy is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, release toxins (lymphatic drainage and detox), relax stiff muscles, relieve back, shoulder, neck tension & joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, clear colon blockages, reduce spider veins & stretch marks. Cupping therapy has been used by Olympics athletes for recouping.

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  • Back Neck Foot Shiatsu Massager Pillow and Gift(Finger Joint Massager) , Electric Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage Pillow Machine , 8 Heating Massage Balls Relieve Body Fatigue , Home and Car Adapter

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    • ❤Amazon purchase link:www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0749L18ZJ
    • ❤ Car and Home Dual-Use: Healthy massage pillow, anytime, anywhere, ease fatigue . Massage Pillow and Finger Joint Massager , 20 minutes makes it easy for you all day!
    • ❤ 3D Heating Massage Ball: 8 Heated Massage balls, Fully Relax the Muscles, Relieve Stress, Restore Physical Vitality. Built-in power protection device(5-15 minutes automatic shutdown, protect your body, not because of massage in same position for too long and feel unwell!)
    • ❤ Can be given to friends, relatives, parents, elders, leadership!
    • ❤ Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, kneading massage: 60 seconds automatic positive and negative kneading massage, simulation of live massage, conditioning qi and blood, soothing meridians
    • ❤ Wear-resistant breathable mesh, better heat dissipation, stretch elastic bandage, effectively fixed massage position, invisible zipper wheel alignment, altitude simulation 3D kneading massage balls, wiring safety buckle.
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