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    • THE IDEAL LENGTH – The channel import series PlayStation cable has a length that is highly ideal and suitable for the connection. It allows you to connect your PlayStation to the system and comfortably enjoy the games.
    • ADVANCED CAPABILITY – The cable has been designed to support HDMI connection. It allows you to enjoy the most incredible and outstanding graphics with stunning picture quality and classic sound features. This amazing ability is in line with the new technology available to allow viewing in bigger and clearer screens.
    • THE RETRO FEEL – This Mario retro PS2 component cable component is designed with the retro feel of the NES.
    • THE COLORFUL DESIGN – The component cable has been designed to provide you with a clear video and sound for your PlayStation 2 console and games. It supports 1080i/720P resolution in LCD, plasma or High Definition TV system and Enhanced TV system. It also has ultra thick and flexible jacket with color coded connectors.
    • CONNECTIVITY – The color-coded connectors at one end of the HDMI PS2 PlayStation cable component enables a secure connection to the monitor or projector with component video input. The red goes into the red, the green to the green, the blues to the blues and the white to the white.
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