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Yamaha 20-Series 3-Piece C-Soprano Recorder

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  • Identical specifications and fingering that makes our YRS 20BB the most popular school recorder
  • Three piece construction allows for easy tuning
  • This plastic is very durable for the beginning recorder player without sacrificing tone
  • Dishwasher safe facilitates easy cleaning, especially when broken into the three pieces
  • Color: Blue

Yamaha 20-series Recorders

Start with great sound

Yamaha has been building musical instruments for more than 130 years, so we know what it takes to make a great sound. Our 20-series models produce a classic recorder tone that’s pure and in tune across the whole instrument.

Easy for beginners

20-series recorders make it easy to play right from the start. The rectangular airway gives very little resistance, so even a light breath can make a clear note. A great choice for classrooms or beginners of any age!

Durable and safe

Made from the same kind of plastic used in countless popular toys, Yamaha 20-series recorders are built to last for years of reliable use. They can even be washed with soap and water, so keeping them clean is easy.

Colorful choices

Our see-through blue, green and pink models are playful, but produce the same great sound as our standard ivory colored models. Have fun with your music without sacrificing your tone.


blue, green, red


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