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Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap, Pack of 4 – M154 Wood Mouse Trap

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  • For clean and quick trapping
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used around kids and pets
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Provides visible proof of rodent capture
Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap – 4 Pack

The Original Wooden Mouse Trap that Kills in a Snap

With over one billion sold, this Victor metal pedal mouse trap is the go-to trap for home owners. The effective trap offers a simple, straightforward design and instant results when it comes to rodent control.

Made in the USA and FSC Certified

Victor metal pedal mouse traps are proudly constructed in the USA by Victor, a century-old brand and trusted industry leader. Even more, each trap features a platform made from environmentally responsible wood that’s been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC is an organization that helps ensure forests worldwide are responsibly managed).

Location, Location, Location

Set the baited trap in areas where activity has been noticed or on the floor with the bait end flush against the wall. Rodents tend to travel along the wall, so placement in this location often works best. For maximum effectiveness use multiple traps to increase results. After a successful kill, simply lift the metal kill bar, dispose of the mouse, and reset.


  • Consistent quality from a century old brand
  • Original wooden base wire snap trap with metal trip pedal
  • Ideal for runway trapping
  • Uses wood from FSC-certified forests
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Reusable or disposible
  • No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets
  • Made in the USA
Victor Mouse Trap Simple Set-Up

Simple Set Up

Bait the trap by placing peanut butter or something similar on the metal bait pedal (use a Q-tip or toothpick to avoid leaving your scent). Then pull the kill bar back, and swing the arm bar over the kill bar. After latching the bent end of the arm bar into the notch on the metal pedal, slowly release pressure until the arm bar holds the kill bar securely in place. At the slightest little nibble, the metal bait pedal releases the kill bar, snapping the trap closed for an instant kill.


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